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1stHost Web Point-of-Sale helps businesses improve profitability through better
customer service, lower systems management costs, and increased access to critical
business information. The Web POS features fast transaction speed and intuitive
user screens to streamline customer interactions. Store level associates have tools and information to improve service and increase sales while above store personnel
gain real-time access to sales and inventory data, enabling better and faster
business decisions.


Equipment Normal POS Join Our 1stHost WEB POS Service
 Local Server  $5,000 +

Setup cost $2,000 / Once Off


$500 / per PC / monthly

 Database  $1,500 +
 Anti Virus  $500 + / yearly
 Fire Wall  $500 +
 Maintenance  $3,000 + / monthly
 Labour  $7,000 + / monthly
 Data Center  $2,000 + / monthly
 POS license  $15,000+
 Upgrade  $5,000+


  • All information for sales transactions, inventory, and customer data
    are updated in a central database in real time.

  • POS configuration changes are made from a central location and
    transmitted to the field in real time.

  • All enterprise users access the central database for reporting and
    analysis using the most current information.

  • Retailers can effectively implement and enforce best practices for up
    selling and suggestive selling from the headquarters office.

 Compelling Benefits

  • Transfer all transaction information from the POS to a central database
    in real time and eliminate time consuming data polling between systems

  • Gain real-time access to sales data and transaction information for
    up-to-date performance reporting, loss prevention, and analysis

  • Eliminate unauthorized account purchases by automatically cross checking
    authorized purchasers with account information

  • Instantly update POS configurations and price changes for all stores or groups
    of stores from a central location

  • Reduce costs of maintenance, support, and upgrade deployment via the central
    database and Web-based application

  • Immediately update inventory accounts via real-time transfer of transaction
    data from the POS to a central database

  • Provide sales associates with accurate, up-to-date information on inventory
    stock levels and location of inventory




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